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WASCO Breaks Ground for New Vieux Fort Offices

For over 50 years, the management and staff of WASCO’s Southern branch have been without a permanent home, leaving customers as well as team members often feeling very frustrated with inadequate facilities and services.

· Last week the company officially broke ground for the construction of WASCO’s new Headquarters in the town of Vieux Fort.

· This new building will allow WASCO to improve the quality of service offered to the public whilst providing an adequate and comfortable space for their well deserving staff.

The designs for this building were done by a local engineering firm from Vieux Fort, with the construction contract also being awarded to a local company from Vieux Fort after they emerged the bid winner upon completion of the tendering process.

Construction will commence in early March upon receipt of the final approvals from the Development Control Authority (DCA). Construction of this project is expected to be completed by December 2020.

The contract for the commencement of Phase 1 of the Vieux Fort Water Supply Redevelopment Project was recently signed, and in the next few weeks we will be returning to Vieux Fort with WASCO for the commencement of one of the largest water supply development projects undertaken in Saint Lucia’s history.

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