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UWP Youth Arm Express Solidarity

The Youth Arm of the United Workers Party express solidarity in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic

The members of United Youth would like to express our commitment to national solidarity in this time of crisis, being experienced by our nation, as we combat this Coronavirus pandemic.

We would like to echo the voices of the experts, and remind especially our youth that it is imperative that we adhere diligently to the policies and regulations established by the government and the Chief Medical Officer and her team, in this fight to keep our citizens safe. We commend the members of the public who have been abiding to these regulations, and urge those who have unfortunately been experiencing difficulties with following these, to take a moment to recognize the gravity of this situation and corroborate the efforts of those who have been abiding by the rules.

We commend the Prime Minister, his cabinet, and team of professionals, who promptly responded to this pandemic threat, educating citizens, and initiating the required coherent protective measures. We applaud the government’s level of civil society engagement and consultation in the decision making process through-out this journey, and the priority given to the safety and health of our citizens over all else.


Our members would like to eulogize the exemplary efforts and hard work, of every single citizen, who has been serving this country in the frontline of this biological war. The chief medical officer, Dr. Sharon Belmar George and her relentless team of doctors, emergency personnel, nurses and other health care providers, who have been managing the health aspect of this national emergency, and facilitated the transition from the Victoria hospital to the Owen King E.U. Hospital. The acting Commissioner of Police, Mr. Milton Desir, and all the police officers who make certain that the public remained obsequious, as it pertains to the laws of our country.

We notably commend our minibus drivers, gas station and supermarket attendants, the Saint Lucia Fire Service, The Cadet Corps, The National Emergency Management Organization staff and volunteers, The Saint Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority, telecommunication companies, all staff of essential services and corporate entities who have been making donations and contributions to the government and by extension to the people of Saint Lucia. To you all, we say, thank you.

We also take this opportunity to recognize the participation of the leading members of the opposition, whom we have seen encouraging constituents to abide by the rules enacted by the government and we call for and encourage the continuation of a positive, unified approach to this grave prodigious situation.

It is imperative at this time, that we individually make a concerted effort to develop meticulous routines of hygienic practices, which retard the spread of this virus as has been aggressively advertised and promoted by the health professionals.

It is also of paramount importance, that all citizens desist from the dissemination of fake news or articles, which do not come from reliable or trusted sources. Whilst the sharing of factual information is necessary, let us function in a manner which is non-conducive for the prevalence of mass panic.

We note the economic strain and down turn that this crisis will have on the economy, and therefore encourage St. Lucians to remain focused, and not allow pessimism to obscure our vision and mission of recovery. We are a very resilient people, capable of overcoming this obstacle with unity.

Let us remain hopeful and determined that by God’s grace we will be triumphant.

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