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Taiwan’s Chi-Mei Medical Center Shares ‘know-how’ on Combating COVID-19

Chi-Mei Medical Center in Tainan, Taiwan in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Wellness of Saint Lucia, Victoria Hospital, and the Embassy of Republic of China (Taiwan) conducted a video conference on combating COVID-19 on March, 30.

Deputy Permanent Secretary Jenny Daniel, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Sharon Belmar-George and six (6) other medical personnel attended the meeting.

During the conference, medical practitioners of Chi-Mei Medical Center introduced their standard procedure to contain the spread of COVID-19 virus in medical institutions. The Center also provided their expertise and experience of treating COIVD-19 patients, including their observation on best treatment to patients at different stages of the disease.

After the presentation, doctors from the Victoria Hospital raised several questions on combating COVID-19, such as treatment of aspirin-taking patients and the procedure of relocating patients among wards of different levels. Taiwanese doctors answered these questions assiduously with knowledge based on actual field practice. Deputy Permanent Secretary Daniel praised Taiwan for organising this meeting. Other medical staff members attending the meeting also commented that the presentation was great and helpful.

Taiwan’s other diplomatic allies in the Caribbean, including Belize, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and Saint Kitts and Nevis also joined the meeting.

As of March, 31 Taiwan records 322 confirmed case of the said disease, which is a much lower number compared to its neighboring countries. The majority of confirmed cases have been imported. Due to its geographical proximity and close personnel exchange with China, Taiwan was initially estimated to be one of the most severely hit countries by the pandemic.

Although excluded in the World Health Organization (WHO) due to Chinese obstruction, Taiwan warned the WHO that the virus has the human to human transmission capacity as early as 31 December 2019. WHO and the Chinese authorities refused to admit it until 20 January, 2020. This delay had a catastrophic impact to the whole world including countries like Saint Lucia.

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