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TAG Calls on PM To Address Violent Crime

December 15, 2021

The Advocacy Group is deeply concerned over the spiraling incidents of violent crime which is claiming the lives of our Nation's youth in particular. As we brace ourselves against the ugly reality of unprecedented record of murders, we share the sadness and despair of many - family, friends and loved ones.

The peace and stability of our nation is being held ransom by criminal elements who appear even more brazen in their actions which they unleash with impunity. The current economic downturn with associated unemployment and the debilitating impact of Covid-19 all combine to create an atmosphere of hopelessness for many.

In such situations it becomes the responsibility of our policy makers to respond in a manner that instills a sense of confidence and assurance for current and future prospects. Too many St Lucians are left to fend for themselves without the benefit of promised and required relief or income support in these perilous times.

Our people are now living in fear as they go about their day to day struggles to survive in an environment of insecurity, attack and threats to their person and property. The almost daily invasions and onslaughts against innocent citizens, business operations and private residents is frightening.

The latest brazen mass shooting on Sunday evening, 12th, December resulting in the death of three individuals in the community of Marchand has sent shock waves across the population. Such incidents undoubtedly undermine the spirit of peace and goodwill which is synonymous with the Christmas/festive season.

Prime Minister, Phillip J Pierre who is the Minster of National Security and Parliamentary Representative for Castries East, which the community of Marchand forms part of, must move immediately to restore sense of peace and security to a frightened people.

Mr. Pierre having the resources of the Office of the Prime Minister at his disposal and the responsibility for the portfolio of National Security must do what is expected by many St Lucians at this time to arrest what appears to be a run-away situation.

Mr. Pierre it is now imperative that you grab the "crime bull" by the horn. We need to get the sense that you are utilizing your authority to take control of this crime scourge. As the popular saying goes: "to whom much is given, much is expected". This is now time for Mr. Pierre to allay the fears of the constituents of Castries East who rolled out the red carpet to 'celebrate' his ascension to the office of Prime Minister.

Decisive action on the current manifestations of crime in our "Fair Helen" must be applied not just to violent crime but other blatant occurrences such as: the open threat on the life of an individual by Miguel Fevrier, Communications Officer in the Ministry of Infrastructure, the illegal confinement of citizens under the guise of the Covid Control and Confinement Act by the Government and the expungement of the records of persons who committed infractions in violation of the Covid Control and Prevention Act.

While Prime Minister Pierre is preoccupied on his latest overseas trip to Dubai lining up to address the Global Citizens Forum, we are hopeful that he will be similarly moved to address the nation on his return, on the runaway crime situation currently gripping the island.

Prime Minister Pierre, the nation needs to hear from you. Your continued silence while we are experiencing this spiraling problem of violent crime is troubling. It is now commonplace, the question: "Who is the Minister of National Security?

Prime Minister and Minister of National Security, Phillip J Pierre, TAG requests that you please come forward to take up your responsibility for the security of the people of your constituency, Castries East and St Lucia by extension. The nation is waiting to hear from you.

(The Advocacy Group is a diverse and dynamic cadre of resource persons and intellectuals who share a visionary outlook of good governance, transparency, quality service, integrity and accountability. Group members comprise: community activists, healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, development economists political activists, students, development workers, youth leaders)

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