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St Lucia Backs Nobel Peace Prize Award For Cuban Medical Team

Cuba medical team arrives in St Lucia to help combat Coronavirus

The Humanistic Solidarity Association (Saint Lucia - Cuba) wishes to associate itself with the excellent idea of the condecoration of the Cuban Medical Brigade - Henry Reeve, with the Nobel Peace Prize award.

The Henry Reeve Medical Brigade, a unique Cuban initiative to assist humanity around the world with quality healthcare and associated medical interventions, has proven repeatedly, for several decades, that quality healthcare can be finally and permanently established internationally, as an inalienable human right.

Further, considering that the Brigade has been made available to mankind on an essentially gratis basis, by a small Caribbean nation of very limited financial resources--a situation exacerbated by a United States economic and trade embargo imposed upon Cuba for six decades.

Notwithstanding the many challenges of the infamous embargo, Cuba has done excellent medical work through no less than 30 countries, saving millions of lives in the process. It is even more evident that wealthy nations of the international community can easily adopt and embrace a new moral code, that makes healthcare a universally established human right.

The Henry Reeve contingent stands firmly in the minds of millions of citizens and institutions throughout the world, as an entity worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize accolade.

On this basis, and in view of the excellent humanitarian contributions of this unique Cuban gift to humanity worldwide, the Humanistic Solidarity Association (Saint Lucia - Cuba) takes great pride in supporting and associating itself with this magnanimous international initiative.

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