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In its pursuit to raise the capacity and skills of coaches across the nation, the SLOC Inc piloted a remote version of the Caribbean Coaching Certification Programme, which the organization launched in late 2019.

Participants from eight sporting federations and four primary schools were led through the foundational coaching course. The course modules were presented by a group of over a dozen local trainers who went through the course in late 2019.

Key topics included 'The Role of the Coach'; 'The Coach as Leader'; 'Developing Sports Skills'; 'Developing Fitness'; 'Nutrition, Rest & Regeneration'; 'Safety, Injury and Recovery'; 'Event Planning'; 'Sport Not Drugs'; 'Sport for Persons with Disabilities'; 'Planning Training Sessions & Programmes'.

After the initial courses in 2019 certified 58 coaches from member federations and the Ministry of Youth Development & Sports, this second block of training was initially set to run in March 2020, but was postponed due to the national response to Covid-19. The current programme ran remotely from May 18 - 29 with evening online sessions and digital submission of the course's theory work.

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