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Safe Spaces

The Safe Spaces Peace Futsal League sponsored by Bank of Saint Lucia, Blue Waters and the Saint Lucia Football competition continues with the staging of two female matches at Agard on Thursday December, 5.

First up Marchand Boulevard plays Conway to be followed by Marchand Two coming up against Agard.

With about six matches remaining in the preliminary round of competition the current point standing is as follows.

Male Category-

Group A: Rose Hill – 15 points, CDC – 13 points, La Clery – 12 points, and Agard II – 7 points.

Group B: Agard I – 16 points, Marchand – 12 points, Ciceron – 8 points, and New Village – 6 points.

Group C: Trois Piton – 12 points, Marchand Boulevard – 9 points, Cedars – 9 points, and Pavee – 6 points.

Group D: Leslie Land – 13 points, Georgeville – 12 points, Ciceron II – 12 points, and Conway – 9 points.

Female Category -

Conway – 22 points, Marchand I– 22 points, Marchand II – 16 points, and Boulevard – 10 points.

The leading goal scorer in the Male Division is O’Neal Alexander with 19 goals; while the leading goal scorer in the Female Division is Ellaisa Marquis with 25 goals.

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