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New Author Releases ‘A Manual for Prayer’

3 December 2021

Felix signing a copy of his book at the launching

First-time author Andrad Felix is hoping that the recent release of his book, “A Manual for Prayer”, can help provide hope and direction to its readers.

In the 32-page book, Felix dissects “The Lord’s Prayer”, using Biblical references which give readers a wider understanding of each petition, while guiding them on the postures they should take when preparing for ommunion with God.

The book was launched on Friday, November 26 at the Castries City Hall, where invited guests and well-wishers encouraged the young author to continue spreading the light of positivity through prayer.

Felix, a police officer with 10 years’ experience in the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force, adds his testimony to this piece of literature, and highlights the power of prayer. In addition, he includes daily devotional and prayer templates which will assist the reader with his/her prayer practice.

A former member of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force Band, Felix is an eloquent motivational speaker in Biblical studies and also the founder of “Men of Faith”, a non-profitable charity organization.

As a minister of God’s word, he has dedicated his life to grooming and moulding the youth by introducing them to God’s word through his life-changing lectures and counseling. He also promotes spiritual awareness through his charity, teachings and ministry.

Felix believes that our young men and women are in desperate need of spiritual intervention and rehabilitation. Which is why he proposes that children be taught how to clad themselves in the full armour of God, which will enable them to denounce the devil and his schemes. That can only be done through a private discipline called praying, he affirms.

“The guidance this handbook will provide for a young man or woman who struggles with praying will enable them to confidently engage God with a deeper understanding of Communion and the importance of daily devotion in their lives,” Felix said.

The author says society is plagued with many broken homes, relationships and families, and that our women and children have become products of domestic abuse and horrendous acts of violence. These are the results, he notes, due to the adhesive that is supposed to keep our society together – men -- are broken and spiritually lost.

“Our men need help,” Felix said. “They're struggling with their manhood, purpose, self-confidence, value of their lives, and sense of significance, and this is causing a crisis in this country.”

Through his “Men of Faith” ministry, Felix hopes to create programmes that will fashion our men into better role models that younger men can emulate. He welcomes anyone who wants to contribute to this movement, noting that society needs to work collectively to address this crisis.

“A Manual for Prayer” is available for $30.00. To order your copy, contact the author at 717 9655.

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