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Ministry of Equity assists with community project

27 October 2020

The Ministry of Equity, Social Justice, Local Government and Empowerment through the Department of Human Services has assisted with the construction of a house for an elderly Dennery resident, Gilton Joseph.

Contractor, Collins Lynch, volunteered to build the structure. His company, Triple L provided the materials and labour.

“More people need to get involved with projects like this. There are many people in communities who need help and once I am able, I will continue such projects,”. Lynch said. “In the last ten years I’ve done maybe 15 or 20 of those projects in the Dennery Valley. I pray that I will have the strength and help from God to continue.”

Andrea Alcide, a social worker in the Department of Human Services thanked Lynch for his initiative.

“We are grateful for what you have done. We are happy that Mr. Joseph is comfortable and safe. We appreciate the assistance of your company and your workers,” she said.

Community workers say the man lived in “deplorable” conditions before the assistance of Mr. Lynch and the Government of Saint Lucia.

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