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- Coconut vendors meeting …

The Castries Constituency Council last week held two separate meetings with both provisions market and coconut vendors.

The tone of the meetings was positive.

Both gatherings were chaired by Communications Manager, Jason Hullingseed, who spoke fully to the ideals, rules and regulations of the CCC and the image that vendors are expected to project.

The first meeting for vendors at the new Provisions Market focused on terms of operations, deportment, sanitation and upkeep of the general area at the new and recently opened facility.

Thereafter, Council along with representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture and the St. Lucia Solid Waste Management Authority met with the coconut vendors.

Mayor Peterson D. Francis was also in attendance, addressing the concerns of the coconut vendors.

“The idea is to continue such meetings in an effort to improve and keep up the standards of vending at the new facility,” the Mayor stated.

“What we are trying to do is to meet expectations. There is a need to not only maintain the new facility, but also uphold the vending standards at such a level that consumers can see and experience the difference,” Mayor Francis added.

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