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Environmental Health gets vehicles from World Bank

13 April 2022

The Environmental Health Division in the Ministry of Health recently received a donation of three vehicles from the World Bank through the OECS Regional Health Project.

Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist for the Health System Strengthening Project Ira Isaacs says a donation of this type is very important as it will assist in strengthening the operations of the unit and also enhance the lives of the Saint Lucian people.

He adds: “The initiative is to strengthen the capacity of the Environmental Health Department to respond to the needs of the nation whether it is vector control, getting the staff where they need to, responding to emergencies, preparing for emergencies; these are the purpose for the vehicles this morning.”

Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health Jenny Daniel welcomed the donation and says it is impactful and timely especially during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

He added: “This donation will assist the Ministry and particularly Environmental Health Division with strengthening its ability, its capacity to monitor and enforce our protocols for COVID-19 as well as any other future protocols and regulations that come about as a result of any new contagious disease, vector or that may cause to our health system.”

Chief Environmental Health Officer Parker Ragnanan expressed profound gratitude for the much-needed vehicles which will assist in addressing the needs of the public. He added:

“These vehicles will assist tremendously in ensuring our officers are out there in the field interfacing with the public, both private and public sector and ensuring that environmental health concerns are addressed and environmental health matters are responded to on a very timely manner.”

The three vehicles donated by the OECS Regional Health Project cost a total of EC$361,400.

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