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Do-Nation Concerned About Suicides, Homicides

8 November 2021

Founder/CEO of Do-Nation Foundation, Diane Felicien, says the increasing rate of suicides and homicides in Saint Lucia is yet another reason for the citizenry to pause and introspect.

Felicien made the comments following a spate of suicides and homicides that have been dominating the national news on an almost daily basis for quite some time now.

Speaking to the recent cases of suspected homicides, she said: “It continues to be a concern that our men don’t really speak about the issues that they are going through. Our men, based on the expectations of society, are supposed to be strong and in some cases to be the ones responsible for maintaining the household – that powerful source. It is how we as a society raise our boys; that they are supposed to be strong and not supposed to cry.”

Felicien also lamented that those expectations may contribute to men not speaking openly nor understanding how to deal with certain situations they are going through, especially if there are children who make up the family.

“As a caring society, we need to continue to provide the community outreach also to our men and the family. They need to know that it’s okay to speak to a trusted individual and groups and to cry, even if it’s in quiet spaces,” she stated.

Especially during the life-changing COVID-19 pandemic, men are also facing increased pressure financially if they are the head of the household. With many men losing their jobs as a result of the economic fallout from the pandemic, she called on financial institutions to take such situations into consideration.

“Imagine six of these financial institutions calling at once,” she said. “If some of these men are not strong enough, that can also lead to them trying to get away from those embarrassing situations.”

Felicien also lamented the senseless loss of life through violence, especially via shootings. She appealed to the citizenry to find amicable ways to solve disputes, noting that Do-Nation Foundation stands ready to offer such services through its collaborations with professional resource persons.

“It is also concerning for us as a Foundation regarding the number of murders being recorded on island,” Felicien stated. “We are losing our love ones; we lost a man a week ago and now we lost a woman. It continues to show that we as a people need to live together in love, peace and unity. Let’s not solve our issues through violence. We are one people, and, together with love, we will make it.”

In observance of Father’s Day this year, Do-Nation Foundation hosted a live panel discussion entitled “Father’s Rise” at the Finance Administrative Centre at Pointe Seraphine, Castries, on Thursday, June 17.

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