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Cop Attackers in Soufriere Told to Give Up or else….

9 March 2021

Police Commissioner Milton Desir

A Soufriere bar owner and several other persons are currently in police custody following a brazen attack on law officers in the westerly town over the weekend.

Reports state that the police officers were attempting to break up a social activity during curfew hours, when persons from the crowd retaliated by showing their defiance and pelted bottles and stones at the cops.

Police Commissioner Milton Desir has lashed out at the perpetrators who defied law officers from performing their duties.

The incident is alleged to have occurred, last Sunday, at a bar in Baron’s Drive where it is reported that people gathered for a ‘carnival like’ event taking place nearby.

According to Desir, a group of individuals pelted police with stones and bottles when the officers intervened to try to stop the activity. The incident occurred at 8.00 p.m. – one hour after the 7.00 p.m. curfew hour.

“There will be no tolerance for lawlessness in Saint Lucia,” the Police Commissioner asserted, as he condemned the Soufriere incident.

In the ensuing melee, a police vehicle was damaged whilst the officers had to retreat and take cover from the attack by persons in the crowd.

At a press conference, on Monday, Desir also called on the alleged perpetrators to surrender to the police by mid-day Tuesday (March, 9) or face the full consequences of the law.

“Don’t let the police come for you,” he warned.

The Commissioner vowed to not take this latest incident lightly, as reports state that the police have previously also had to confront some unruly behaviour outside curfew hours.

Desir said that violators who persist in such unruly social behaviour outside curfew hours will be prosecuted.

Referring to the incident, he told reporters that the bars were supposed to be shut and people off the streets during that time. “However,” the Commissioner added, “police came to correct that situation and persons chose to disregard the police.

The cops say they plan to arrest even more individuals. Reports further state that the bar owner appeared not to have a liquor licence, resulting in officers seizing the bar’s alcohol.

Superintendent of Police for Crime Management, George Nicholas has reiterated that the police will not relent in their efforts to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Meanwhile, Desir has warned that persons who fall foul of the law and breach the COVID-19 operating protocols will be dealt with accordingly.

He asserted: “Let me remind individuals (bar owners) that where breaches are committed, I will ensure that your license is suspended.”

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