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A day for men is a necessity

By Andrew Sealy, St. Lucia Crisis Centre

12 November 2020

Should there be an International Men’s Day? What is the significance of such a day? Who should celebrate it? What format should the celebrations take? These are some of the questions that have been asked about IMD and we will explore some answers here.

International Men’s Day is a very important celebration which is now observed in over 60 countries worldwide focusing attention on the plight of men and boys in a world where these two demographics are being marginalized and compromised by certain groups which seemed to have come to the myopic conclusion that the world will be better off if male men are put out of commission. This assertion is one of the most diabolical ideas facing the 21st Century, and if it is allowed to go unchecked, will lead to the destruction of all life forms on the planet.

So, yes, men are indispensable, and constitute the highest pinnacle of God’s creation, having been created in the very image of the Divine Creator, and endowed with the seed for the perpetuation of the human race. The woman came later as a companion and help to the man, bearing the womb to receive and develop the seed which the man produces for the expansion of the human race. Without the man, the human race disintegrates to the point of extinction and we can see intimations of this by the mere non participation of some men in the sphere of traditional human activity. It boils down to the simple equation that no man = no life as we know it, therefore no society.

Some might think that this is simply macho bravado or male chauvinism, but there is a deeper truth staring us square in the eyes. The 21st.Century man is an endangered species and it will take both male and female humans, working in unison to get us back on track. If you doubt that manhood is in jeopardy, then your head is already buried three feet under, and you are in urgent need of a resurrection, partial or total.

In all seriousness, it must be pointed out that in spite of our tremendous scientific and related advancements, society is experiencing major declines in many spheres of endeavor, and a major contributor to this is the marginalization of manhood from within and without. Some men have closed shop and are making no valid contributions to the advancement of modern society, others are half way there, and still others are sitting on the narrow fence in dreamy contemplation of the next move.

One might be able to argue into eternity the reasons why today’s manhood is largely comatose, but unless one gets a clear vision that the societal role of the man has dissipated, and that there needs to be a dramatic rebirth of vibrant manhood, progress will be impossible. The decline did not happen overnight, and a reversal will definitely not be a short term effort.

In large measure, man is responsible for his own demise, but the effort has been aided and facilitated by a number of external and internal factors which like a river in a deforested region, has seen the rapid accumulation of layers of silt and is headed for an unplanned dam midstream.

Men need women and vice versa for society to function effectively. That should not be argued. Some however will disagree. Men without women make for a topsy turvy world, regardless of which group has caused the rupture. Think of a baby growing up with only men or only women in sight. Would that be considered wholesome living? Would you like to live without the opposite sex in attendance? Do you see yourself as a builder or dismantler of the traditional society and its over-arching norms like marriage, parenting, community development and civics? The fact that you are on earth means that you fit somewhere in this melting pot called life in community as a protagonist or an antagonist. Your involvement or lack thereof will make the world, your community and your family better or worse. You can’t be neutral.

Now, let’s get back to a kind of beginning. The woes of society are all around us and we are not innocent bystanders. Some men are good, upright and positive role models, while others appear as monsters who seek to destroy the very fabric of what makes society desirable and effective. Some men deserve to be celebrated, and others don’t quite qualify. However, every human being has intrinsic worth and can be rehabilitated even after having drained the very dregs of what life has to offer. Guys, there is always hope. If you seek diligently, you will find it.

Incidentally, not all of us are born in ideal circumstances, but there is always the potential to turn around even the most horrendous situations and emerge with something very good. For example, Tony Melendez and Mark Goffeney were both born without arms and have become internationally recognised guitar players. A young man from Gros Islet, Gabriel Chassang AKA Chickits, born with a deformed foot, beat the odds and became a national footballer. Michael Jordan and Steff Curry were both told that they did not have what it takes to get to the NBA, but see what they have accomplished in basketball. Look around you, there are some young men who had been condemned as totally depraved drug addicts, but today their lives are helping others to stay sober and productive. There are numerous stories of people who took what looked to most as terrible disadvantages, and compelled them to produce success and fame. Do you have an excuse??? ---.

As we focus on another International Men’s Day we can pledge to make improvements in our lives and that of our families to the extent that the community and the world will be better because of us. Every man has a contribution to make to the society and will leave some kind of footprint which somebody will eventually follow. Are you conscious of the mark that you will leave behind? Will it be positive or negative? Whatever it is, that will be your legacy to the rest of mankind. Are you comfortable with what you are leaving behind?

This year the focus of IMD covers improved health for boys and men, positive role medals and awareness of suicide afflicting men in greater numbers than women. So how is your health right now? Are you taking good care of it? Be aware that the main reason why women now live longer than men is that men trivialise their health, and feel that they will get by in spite of what they do. If more men begin to take their heaalth care seriously, we will be sure to increase the average male lifespan. Not only this, but we will experience fewer sick days as well.

Finally, I want to appeal to the ladies. Please reach out and help the man or men in your life. On Thursday November 19, help them remember that they are precious, valuable, special - use whatever adjective you want - just to let them know that they are very important to all of society. If you see them taking a wrong road, give some advice in love, and not in condemnation. Ladies, you mean a lot to men, in spite of what they might say, so if you lovingly offer some guidance, they will more than likely take it to heart, even if it is just to please you. One day, they will thank you for being there. You too might personally benefit from helping them along the way. One never knows.

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